Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

One thing you learn early on when working in PR, is how easy it is to parody – and how widely that is done. Probably in equal measure, the same goes for the fashion industry (so imagine those poor souls who find themselves working in fashion marketing…). But I love it. It’s such a ridiculous combination of egos, high drama and nonsense, that you have to take a lot of what goes on around you with great bucket-loads of salt, let alone a pinch. Which means that when comedy geniuses like The Platform’s Patrick Pope decide to parody that fashion … Continue reading Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

Axis of Awesome and the 4-chord pop song formula

Comedy music acts are generally pretty hit and miss. The classic comedian-at-piano act has been fairly done to death over the years, but still manages to gain laughs – especially on those late Saturday night TV slots with a sofa and three actors/musicians/sportsmen looking to peddle their latest movie/tour/autobiography. Yawn. Axis of Awesome are a rather different breed. There are three of them, they are genuinely funny, and genuinely musically gifted. They have however, somewhat blown the lid off the magic of pop success in one of their standard acts from the Australian homeland. They make one basic claim: that … Continue reading Axis of Awesome and the 4-chord pop song formula