Geek vs Nerd: The ultimate test

Everybody loves a good infographic – none more so than the geeks and nerds of the world. So imagine the joy circulating around the interwebz this afternoon, when this bad boy surfaced: Courtesy of (presumably) the geeks AND nerds behind the Masters in IT website for that Friday giggle. And a rather cute marketing ploy for their cause – I mean, who is a likely target audience…?   Continue reading Geek vs Nerd: The ultimate test

Catvertising: why more ad agencies need to learn to laugh at themselves

Catvertising is the latest YouTube sensation to ‘go viral’, with creators, Canadian advertising agency John St., undoubtedly now reaping the rewards of global awareness. How did this little 150 second clip gain nearly 1 million views? And what other agency can claim that from what is essentially a promotional video? Quite simply because there is something for everyone: People love the cats, brand-side marketers enjoy the mockery of typical agency showreel videos and every other marketing consultancy around the world is wishing they thought of the idea themselves. In terms of a strategy for new business, this ticks every box: … Continue reading Catvertising: why more ad agencies need to learn to laugh at themselves

Making the most of spare time

Tom Hodgkinson in today’s Style magazine in the Sunday Times raises some interesting challenges to the way we spend our spare time in the modern world. Are we making the most of it? Or are we squandering what little time we do have to ourselves, falling into the trappings of convenience? His opening lines below and, as they did for me, may ring scarily true: “What do you do in your spare time? Maybe you indulge your precious moments of leisure with a £5 bottle of Chilean Sauvignon blanc and a DVD box set of Mad Men or The Wire. … Continue reading Making the most of spare time

The Ralph Lauren Gang set out to charm American Moms

For the past two years, my office pod wall has been adorned with a quotation from Ralph Lauren, torn from a magazine advertisement for fashion website Brand Alley: “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” Ever since I first came across it, this kernel of an idea has formulated my interest and belief in the power of brand communications. Marketing that goes beyond the product, that can trigger and play on emotion and aspiration – now that is powerful. So it was with interest that I came across the latest development in Ralph Lauren’s marketing of their children’s wear. ‘The … Continue reading The Ralph Lauren Gang set out to charm American Moms

What is your Digital IQ? Find out and pay it forward

‘Digital IS the future’. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve heard these words spoken in the last few years. So much so that it’s almost become a meaningless comment on something that is self-evident. Largely because we can conclude digital is the future, if only inasmuch as digital is also the present. Clearly, there is an enormous amount of knowledge to be had out there about working in the digital space, and harnessing the power of digital assets to work better in other more traditional avenues. No longer can we sweep a generalising brush-stroke to divide … Continue reading What is your Digital IQ? Find out and pay it forward

Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

After my great digital comms/social media training run by the eConsultancy‘s James Matthewson earlier this week, I was prompted to go out and find some concrete stats about the success of brand involvement in social media campaigns. Just came across this fab little Socialnomics video, from the author of the Socialnomics book, Eric Qualman, and however much you think you already know about brands marketing in this space, it really is worth a watch. Time and time again we find clients hesitant to relinquish control over their brand in the interests of entering the social media space, yet there are … Continue reading Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

A Brand Personality Test

A cute branding discovery this morning: Digital marketing consultancy Mate‘s online brand personality test (brought to my attention my @GWoffer). Amazingly, by your selection of 5 brands from the presentation of 5 pairs of brands (Adidas/Nike; Apple/Google; Coca-Cola/Pepsi; Burger King/McDonald’s; American Express/Visa), Mate can find out a little bit about you. Mate is the digital outfit of Dutchman Ruud Verdellen (the genius who has garnered ‘absolutelegend’ as his personalized Facebook URL), and while both him and Mate were new names to me until this morning, this little device has already enticed me to their services. The kooky functionality of the … Continue reading A Brand Personality Test

Luxury fashion brands embrace social media

As if it weren’t enough that, according to Times headlines this morning, bloggers are snatching the LFW front row seats right from under the noses of their traditional print counterparts, it seems that the high-end luxury brand marketeers are no longer directing us in store – or even merely online. But to our iPhone apps. Flicking through the March Vogue, I started to see brand after brand including a call to action within its glossy DPS advertising that promoted online videos, behind-the-scenes exclusive web content and invariably how to download the brand’s iPhone app in order to access all these … Continue reading Luxury fashion brands embrace social media