Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Brunch is possibly my favourite ever mealtime. As much for the types of dishes usually served up (eggs, pancakes, lashings of crispy bacon) as for the time of day, day of the week and the whole laissez-faire feeling it invokes. Not sprightly enough for breakfast, but with too hearty an appetite to wait for lunch and best served up on a weekend accompanied by proper steaming coffee, freshly squeezed juice and the company of loved ones. It also reminds me of a place dear to my heart, New York City. From my groaning stack of cook-books, my trusty Lazy Brunch … Continue reading Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Soup for the soul (and body)

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exhausting with one thing and another. The standard spring-time head cold doing the rounds, back-to-back Fashion Weeks, hectic work schedules, even more hectic social weekends… all leaving us feeling a little run-down. Ever get to the stage where you can practically feel your body craving vitamins? The solution? A couple of super tasty soups, crammed full of veggies and heart-warming goodness. First up, a spring green minestrone from Waitrose magazine (the below is generous for two people as the recipe suggests, so you should be able to eek it out for a … Continue reading Soup for the soul (and body)

Weekend baking: Sticky lemon drizzle and poppy seed cake

*Image from The Live In Kitchen With the apartment to myself for the next couple of weekends, there is a fair chance my kitchen will be a bit of a mess and my oven kept occupied. Baking is for me both therapeutic and rewarding (though the after-effects of consuming the results less-so). I returned to an old favourite today. Feeling slightly under-the-weather, I couldn’t face the risk of an experimental session on something new going spectacularly wrong (see: Macaron Diaries, vol 1). So it was to the lemon drizzle cake that I turned. The recipe I use is one from … Continue reading Weekend baking: Sticky lemon drizzle and poppy seed cake

Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

As a lover of baking, baked goods and cheese, and a reluctant sporadic gym-user, I was delighted with this Facebook share today. Now I know the key is in the presentation and one is (supposedly) deserted in the jungle with no luxuries to her name, while the other appears to glammed up for some kind of red carpet do – and clearly the assets bestowed upon them by the divine differ hugely as well – but the juxtaposition is amusing nonetheless. The moral of the story? Screw detox, eat cake. Continue reading Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

Making the most of spare time

Tom Hodgkinson in today’s Style magazine in the Sunday Times raises some interesting challenges to the way we spend our spare time in the modern world. Are we making the most of it? Or are we squandering what little time we do have to ourselves, falling into the trappings of convenience? His opening lines below and, as they did for me, may ring scarily true: “What do you do in your spare time? Maybe you indulge your precious moments of leisure with a £5 bottle of Chilean Sauvignon blanc and a DVD box set of Mad Men or The Wire. … Continue reading Making the most of spare time

Innocent Knit Big this winter

In terms of brands, there are a few things for me that mark the onset of Christmas. Pret’s Christmas sandwiches, Starbucks’ red cups, and Hellman’s’ sing-along Christmas TV ad to name a few. But not forgetting Innocent smoothies’ adorable bobble hats. I first saw these a couple of years ago and thought it was an inspired (if fairly expensive) piece of product marketing. Completely fitting with the brand personality and creating stand-out on the shelf. This year those happy chaps at Innocent have taken it to a whole new level. Enter, The Big Knit. Some pretty heavy advertising spend must … Continue reading Innocent Knit Big this winter

Karl Lagerfeld hits the (Diet Coke) bottle

How cute is this? Favourite soft drink partnering with epic design talent. And before you brush this off as just another brand exercise reaching its target market (though bravo Coca-Cola on that front too), it may interest you to know that Lagerfeld actually has more of a tangible link with the brand than the dollar paid to slap his image and signature on a Diet Coke bottle. Back in 2005, rumour had it that his slimming techniques have centered around dedicated consumption of the soft drink. That and horse meat. Yum. But fair play to the guy – he shifted … Continue reading Karl Lagerfeld hits the (Diet Coke) bottle

Feeling the love for Dorset Cereals

A re-kindling of my love for Dorset Cereals this morning has led to an unadulterated plug for the brand. Not a product that I can regularly afford to buy (more due to the volume I would consume than the price), it was from coming home to the parental Surrey seat that reminded me how fab they are. Fortunately for me, parents keep plentiful stock of the World’s Best Cereal™ – so now I am never without. Next time you’re perusing the breakfast aisle, give them a go. You won’t regret it. You know all those healthy cereal brands who claim … Continue reading Feeling the love for Dorset Cereals