Designspiration: Valentino to LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

I love catwalk to sidewalk trends – in fact I’ve written about them severally on this blog before – largely because it gives us average Joe’s (or Joanne’s) the chance to buy into the luxurious and unattainable world of high-end design. That said, trends are one thing, precise designs are quite another. Catwalk copycats are controversial at best – bare-faced thieves at worst. And as I work with emerging designers every day, it is tough seeing designs blatantly ripped off, as it is at that end of the industry that it can do the most damage. But any creative ‘borrowing’ … Continue reading Designspiration: Valentino to LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

The reverse French braid ballerina bun (from Poland)

Last month, I had the pleasure of some international Fashion travel to none other than Łódź, Poland (well, why stop at New York, right?). A burgeoning Fashion Week, that is growing each year, FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is an event particularly encouraging of young designers – which is reason enough itself to see what they have to offer. But my favourite trend that I took away was, oddly enough, not in the clothes. Piotr Drżał sent his girls down his very dramatic runway with gravity-defying top-knots, but when they turned on their heel and sashayed their return we saw that … Continue reading The reverse French braid ballerina bun (from Poland)

Fashion Week Highlights

For the first time this season, I got to enjoy the catwalk crazy on both sides of the Atlantic, and without the nervous excitement of our own impending show production looming. So time for a little reflection. Given that it’s Oscars weekend, in true Academy fashion, I want to celebrate my Fashion Week favourites with a few Award presentations… Best Theatrical Effects: FYODOR GOLAN Tribal nose ring jewels, butterfly-like maxis with endless fabric, pearlised mosaic effect gown with staggering headpiece and, of course, that shimmering green nymph. Quite stunning and (gasp) only their first solo season on-schedule following their Fashion Fringe … Continue reading Fashion Week Highlights

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

One thing you learn early on when working in PR, is how easy it is to parody – and how widely that is done. Probably in equal measure, the same goes for the fashion industry (so imagine those poor souls who find themselves working in fashion marketing…). But I love it. It’s such a ridiculous combination of egos, high drama and nonsense, that you have to take a lot of what goes on around you with great bucket-loads of salt, let alone a pinch. Which means that when comedy geniuses like The Platform’s Patrick Pope decide to parody that fashion … Continue reading Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

Happy Halloween: the cutest ever costume

Struggling for inspiration this Halloween? Tired of all the fake blood staining your clothes and/or having to dress like a ghoulish hooker to secure costume cred? Well worry not – inspiration this year comes from a two year old. Possibly the cutest costume I have ever seen, posted on Facebook this week by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: Happy Halloween Fashionistas! x Continue reading Happy Halloween: the cutest ever costume

LFW highlight: The Mulberry Miniature Schnauzer

Having had an exceptional miniature schnauzer in our family since I was about 13, Mulberry’s choice of canine accessory for SS12 particularly appealed to me this season. Our Dexter is evidently right on-trend. We are now expecting a proliferation of celebs with miniature schnauzers over the next six months – all because Mulberry sent one down the runway at their show on the third day of London Fashion Week. Read an ‘interview’ with Pippa (said schnauzer), here. The look Pippa models in this interview is the Mulberry Tillie Quilted Dog Mac in blue, priced at a mere £165. The lemon … Continue reading LFW highlight: The Mulberry Miniature Schnauzer

Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Some inspired promotion from FOX in the US emerged this week. Our favourite Gleeksters are getting their fashion on for a promotional video ahead of the 8th September – the official date for the global Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza. And just 12 days later, the new season of Glee happens to air on the American network. The skit (above) is too short for my liking (please let there be a full-length music video aired at some point, or at least additional break bumpers with out-takes), but some of the production stills give you an idea of the fun had on … Continue reading Glee does Fashion’s Night Out