The Hunger Games: theatrical trailers

Having read all three books at a rate of knots over Christmas last year, I am getting somewhat over-excited for Jennifer Lawrence‘s turn as Katniss Everdeen. Fabulous news that the folks at Lionsgate have decided to open the movie on the same day in the UK as the US (March 23rd). It remains to be seen whether the widespread talk of Twilight-level box office figures will pan out, but regardless, I will be heading to my local Picture House on opening weekend to contribute. Disappointingly, given that the UK Premiere (14th March) is due to be held at the BFI … Continue reading The Hunger Games: theatrical trailers

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Movie Trailer

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. There are so many reasons why I love the look of this movie, not least: Super Size Me legend, Morgan Spurlock is fronting it. Guaranteed, good honest humour whilst proving a salient, sobering point along the way It is completely self-referential – a film proving its own point that we are over-advertised to through the medium of film and television, whilst acknowledging it wouldn’t exist without that very industry. I just love a good old paradox By the look of the movie posters, he actually manages to convince Californian-based pomegranate juice-makers POM Wonderful to take … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Movie Trailer

Orange BAFTA Film Awards – 2011 nominations

This morning saw the next installment of Film Award season excitement with BAFTA’s announcement of this year’s nominees for the Orange sponsored Film Awards: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tom Hooper‘s British indie flick The King’s Speech swept the board with a whopping 14 nominations, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor for Golden Globe winner Colin Firth. Black Swan (released in the UK this Friday, SO excited) is nominated in 12 categories, followed by Inception with nine and 127 Hours and True Grit are each nominated eight times. The Social Network, favoured at this year’s Golden Globes this weekend, has six … Continue reading Orange BAFTA Film Awards – 2011 nominations

68th Annual Golden Globes – 2011 winners

A night of success for David Fincher’s Facebook movie The Social Network dominated the movie award winners at last night’s ceremony in L.A, including the immensely talented Aaron Sorkin picking up his much-deserved screenplay award. As for the Televisual side of things, Glee stormed it for the second year running, with the adorable Chris Colfer picking up his Best Supporting Actor award on his first nomination: Big congrats to the Brit flying the flag for us – Colin Firth – who walked away with his Best Actor gong for The King’s Speech. MOTION PICTURE CATEGORIES: BEST MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA The … Continue reading 68th Annual Golden Globes – 2011 winners

Wall Street 2: Product Placement Never Sleeps

I went along to a preview of the Wall Street sequel last night. Enjoyable, certainly, but as ever (brand geek that I am) I was on the look out for product placement and my word was there a lot to choose from. While Brand Cameo provides a very nice summary of all the brands who got screen time, I thought it would be more interesting to visually display which ones had the biggest impact on me. So I created a Wordle to represent them: Now I’m not saying this is based on the average consumer, because I am a brand-obsessed … Continue reading Wall Street 2: Product Placement Never Sleeps

Iron Man 2 & Audi: a feat of brand engineering

Last night, thanks to our lovely friends at Odeon, a colleague took me along to a preview screening of the upcoming blockbuster Marvel smash, Iron Man 2. We had a blast, and could gush extensively about the two hours of quality entertainment: the mind-blowing explosive special effects, the hardcore AC/DC soundtrack and the enviable eye candy factor of every principle cast member (with the possible exception of Mickey Rourke). But instead, as ever I want to talk about the brand stars. The victor for me was Audi – that car manufacturer now ubiquitous it seems across the action movie genre. … Continue reading Iron Man 2 & Audi: a feat of brand engineering

Oscar-winning product placement (from BrandChannel)

Unable to keep my eyes open until 4am on Monday morning, I watched this year’s Oscars in highlight format the following day online, so unfortunately missed out on the network advertising that filled the commercial gaps. I would have been expecting big things though, as according to that endless source of brand information, brands paid around the $1m-per-slot mark to gain a slice of the limelight. Not quite Super Bowl figures, but still a considerable investment. While BrandChannel offers a great summary of these (and most importantly which ones were worth the spend), I always have a greater interest … Continue reading Oscar-winning product placement (from BrandChannel)

Legally Blonde hits London – 5th December

Omigod you guys – from Broadway to the West End, it’s finally here: The Times’ Playlist magazine had a very pink looking cover wrap this weekend, shouting loud and proud that Elle is coming to town. I’m a huge fan of the movie – that low-budget, enormously profitable surprise smash hit of 2001, that grossed $141m worldwide and catapulted a young Reese Witherspoon firmly into the A-list (she went on to command $15m for the sequel).┬áMy girlfriends share the love of the Blonde, but arguably I am the most ardent fan amongst us. Hence why, on our New Year break … Continue reading Legally Blonde hits London – 5th December

Keira causes a stir for domestic violence charity

Since The Duchness, Ms. Knightley seems to have been fairly distant from our screens. But rest assured, soon we will be seeing a lote more of her – even in the breaks. Her latest commercial, a far cry from the sultry glamour of her Chanel shoot, is for the charity Women’s Aid, helping sufferers of domestic violence overcome their victimisation in the home. Naturally, as with the Think! road safety campaigns, the subject matter is fairly graphic, so the subsequent controversy is inevitable, but the result is a powerful message that, along with an A-list celebrity attachment, should rouse considerable … Continue reading Keira causes a stir for domestic violence charity