Oh Oh Oh by The Golf Boys – Farmers Insurance go viral

As far as sponsorship goes, Golf is a pretty cluttered marketplace and one dominated by Financial Services brands and sports apparel. It is rare to see a fairly straight, corporate brand letting go a little bit and doing something fun. So hats (or visors) off to Farmers Insurance, sponsors of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in California, who have done something a little different and all in the name of charidee. PGA Tour players Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Hunter Mahan, with just a little help from musician Con Bro Chilli, have created a music video. … Continue reading Oh Oh Oh by The Golf Boys – Farmers Insurance go viral

98 year-old woman shows Bank the true value of customer service

I’ve only just come across this letter, but apparently it was first published in the New York Times about three years ago. Not quite sure why it is undergoing a social media resurgence, but such is the way of the viral. No one seems to know which Bank was the target, nor if it really was a 98 year old woman who wrote it – but as urban myths go, it’s pretty entertaining. And we’ve all been stuck on the end of endless button-pushing automated telephone services – so it’s not hard to imagine. Enjoy… Dear Sir, I am writing … Continue reading 98 year-old woman shows Bank the true value of customer service

Wall Street 2: Product Placement Never Sleeps

I went along to a preview of the Wall Street sequel last night. Enjoyable, certainly, but as ever (brand geek that I am) I was on the look out for product placement and my word was there a lot to choose from. While Brand Cameo provides a very nice summary of all the brands who got screen time, I thought it would be more interesting to visually display which ones had the biggest impact on me. So I created a Wordle to represent them: Now I’m not saying this is based on the average consumer, because I am a brand-obsessed … Continue reading Wall Street 2: Product Placement Never Sleeps

Hiscox insurance calls a spade a spade

Snapshot while waiting for a train this morning – a strong outdoor ad from a potentially dull brand. CBS Outdoor Advertising did something equally striking when catching the eye of bored tube commuters at Hammersmith station a few months back. This time, insurance company Hiscox are out to prove that they speak plainly to their customer base, cutting through all the usual jargon spouted by a lot of their financial and insurance competitiors. In this case, literally calling a spade a spade. If my Blackberry photo resolution isn’t quite up to scratch, the copy reads: It’s a Spade. Not an earth … Continue reading Hiscox insurance calls a spade a spade

Lions rugby ads – the good, the bad and the worst

As we’ve recently been on the topic of brands capitalising on big sporting headlines, I thought it apt to take a look at two Lions rugby-themed ads which caught my eye this week. And for rather different reasons. HSBC, main sponsor of the British & Irish Lions team have thrown a shed-load of their marketing budget at above the line activation of the sponsorship this summer – and rightly so as their main sporting sponsorship property deserves. Amongst a huge range of creatives, sits the ad below, which I just love. It’s simple, brand-warming and conveys their grassroots-rugby-support message brilliantly: (Although … Continue reading Lions rugby ads – the good, the bad and the worst

…and the Telegraph agrees with me

Just couldn’t resist adding to the Stanford story when I saw this morning’s Telegraph feature on the breaking news of yesterday. For those readers of my humble musings who also have access to my Facebook status updates, you might have noticed my prediction that the famed ‘money shot’ (below) was guaranteed back page fodder for the press today… And lo and behold, the Telegraph laid their story out with images almost matching mine (granted, a predictable selection, but still). Geek moment, but am rather proud we’re on the same wave-length… Continue reading …and the Telegraph agrees with me

Stanford’s billion dollar fraud puts ECB in hot water

Karma? What goes around comes around? Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but for me to post two cricket stories in one day, it has to be something fairly major. Million dollar man Stanford, who flew in with his helicopter and his trunk of cash, like a cricket fairy godmother waving 20 million dollar bills, sweeping the ECB, the top dollar players and their CWAGs completely off their feet (the later, in case you don’t remember, quite literally). So what could possibly bring this cricket revolutionary back down to earth with a bump? Well the US Securities and Exchange Commission for one, … Continue reading Stanford’s billion dollar fraud puts ECB in hot water