World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Happy World Poetry Day one and all! This date hadn’t occurred to me until reading the wonderful Lucy Mangan in this week’s Stylist magazine, and though she decries the artform as not for her, even she manages to finish her column with a spontaneous burst of verse. Granted, she is a literary fireball, but in four short funny lines, she nailed a little ditty just like that: “The boy stood on the burning deck, His feet were full of blisters. The flames came up and burned his pants And now he wears his sister’s.” Why not have a go today? … Continue reading World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Dolce & Gabbana’s starry-eyed surprise

When I reached for my default monthly glossy at a newsagent’s last weekend, it wasn’t the alluring doe-eyed Lily Allen that caught my eye so much as what the former popstrel was wearing – enveloped as she was in an utterly divine combination of navy lace and white-star print fabric. Exhibit A: Being a traditional type who reads a magazine front to back (and supplements first, always), I had yet to discover who devised this luxe creation – until I picked up the latest Grazia where I learned it was indeed the handiwork of D&G. What Gods. The piece full … Continue reading Dolce & Gabbana’s starry-eyed surprise

Wallpaper*: Fashion Week by numbers

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages. Well, since Fashion Week actually. Wallpaper* magazine, that creative authority on all things design, dedicated their whole March issue to the fashion world. Hugely enjoyable it was too, but this double page spread was my favourite (click here for a larger, higher res version): A few of my favourite highlights: – 20: pounds of gold glitter dumped on John Galliano during his post-show bow – 37: pairs of titanium heels trashed minutes before the Lanvin show when it was discovered the models couldn’t walk in them – 100: %age of RTW on … Continue reading Wallpaper*: Fashion Week by numbers

Mercedes-Benz on the runway

Thoughts welcome on the LFW advertising offering from Mercedes-Benz: I’ve been meaning to post this ad for a while but, if I’m honest I haven’t quite figured out if I think it is freshingly and strikingly simple, or just plain dull. On first sight, it struck me as a very straightforward concept, that perfectly conveyed the brand partnership between the luxury car dealer and Fashion Week. The runway as a road, M-B as the only vehicle suitable to transport you down it – or, as a metaphor for life’s runway. Thus the glamorous audience feasting on the fashions falling off … Continue reading Mercedes-Benz on the runway

The lives that consumer culture cannot reach

I’m a big fan of The Sunday Times, and in particular their Spectrum section (and not just when it features National Cheerleading Champions). In their own words, Spectrum ‘showcases astonishing photographs from the front line of life over 12 awe-inspiring pages’. True enough. This weekend, sitting on a sun-drenched Clapham Common on a welcome weekend break from the marketing bubble in which I live my week, I found the images particularly worthy of reflection. The cover feature, which always contains a collection of stunning and astute shots illustrating one central theme, this week concerned itself with ‘Bare Necessities: The lives … Continue reading The lives that consumer culture cannot reach

Luxury fashion brands embrace social media

As if it weren’t enough that, according to Times headlines this morning, bloggers are snatching the LFW front row seats right from under the noses of their traditional print counterparts, it seems that the high-end luxury brand marketeers are no longer directing us in store – or even merely online. But to our iPhone apps. Flicking through the March Vogue, I started to see brand after brand including a call to action within its glossy DPS advertising that promoted online videos, behind-the-scenes exclusive web content and invariably how to download the brand’s iPhone app in order to access all these … Continue reading Luxury fashion brands embrace social media

Lady Dior: when literature shapes fashion

I had a feeling my Links of London post wouldn’t be the last LFW ad to grace this blog. Flipping through the FT‘s fashion special of its weekly portion of riches, How to Spend It last weekend, I was again savouring all the luxury brand creatives as much as (if not more than) the editorial pieces between. Typical marketer I guess. In the opening spread, the enviable elegance of the magnifique Marion Cotillard seeped from the Dior pages. But this time it was the choice of prop that caught my eye. Granted, the striking red and black contrast of the composition called for … Continue reading Lady Dior: when literature shapes fashion

When headphones became jewellery

I’ve been loving the flurry of luxury brand advertising dominating the glossy pages of all national newspaper supplements from last weekend onwards, marking the onset of London Fashion Week – or #LFW as Twitter users have re-named it in a hashtag frenzy of fashionista gossip. No doubt a few more highlights might make the pages of this blog before the week is out, but one particular Links of London ad caught my eye in the Sunday Telegraph’s brilliant ST Fashion. As preposterously be-jewelled neckpieces provided ostentatious frosting to the sharp tailored lines of the suited collections strutting down the runway, Links … Continue reading When headphones became jewellery

The Sunday Times Magazine showcases champion cheerleaders

How I love it when the national UK press features cheerleading – believe me, it is a rare occurrence. This weekend, my eye was caught by a double page photo spread no less in the Spectrum section of The Sunday Times Magazine, featuring the image above. Albeit that the image is not exactly recent – Ladefoged’s shot was originally taken for a New York Times feature on the Kentucky athletes in September of 2005– but it does showcase the colourful, fun vibrancy of the sport and, of course, the immense athletic prowess required to perfect the partner stunt (for cheer ignorami … Continue reading The Sunday Times Magazine showcases champion cheerleaders