The lives that consumer culture cannot reach

I’m a big fan of The Sunday Times, and in particular their Spectrum section (and not just when it features National Cheerleading Champions). In their own words, Spectrum ‘showcases astonishing photographs from the front line of life over 12 awe-inspiring pages’. True enough. This weekend, sitting on a sun-drenched Clapham Common on a welcome weekend break from the marketing bubble in which I live my week, I found the images particularly worthy of reflection. The cover feature, which always contains a collection of stunning and astute shots illustrating one central theme, this week concerned itself with ‘Bare Necessities: The lives … Continue reading The lives that consumer culture cannot reach

Lady Dior: when literature shapes fashion

I had a feeling my Links of London post wouldn’t be the last LFW ad to grace this blog. Flipping through the FT‘s fashion special of its weekly portion of riches, How to Spend It last weekend, I was again savouring all the luxury brand creatives as much as (if not more than) the editorial pieces between. Typical marketer I guess. In the opening spread, the enviable elegance of the magnifique Marion Cotillard seeped from the Dior pages. But this time it was the choice of prop that caught my eye. Granted, the striking red and black contrast of the composition called for … Continue reading Lady Dior: when literature shapes fashion

KP leaves the home team in need of some service and repair

Couln’t resist posting this today. With England cricket fans still reeling from the devastating annoucement of KP’s withdrawal from the remainder of the npower Ashes series, the above image found its way into two of the national broadsheets today. PA photographer Nick Potts managed to capture and distill into one image the cloud of troubled thoughts surrounding England’s would-be captain at the present time. Standing in front of the sight screen branded with title sponsor npower‘s latest slogan, the boarding rather ironically conveys: Home Team – Service and Repair – this summer… just what KP had hoped for and, unfortunately, … Continue reading KP leaves the home team in need of some service and repair

The Sunday Times Magazine showcases champion cheerleaders

How I love it when the national UK press features cheerleading – believe me, it is a rare occurrence. This weekend, my eye was caught by a double page photo spread no less in the Spectrum section of The Sunday Times Magazine, featuring the image above. Albeit that the image is not exactly recent – Ladefoged’s shot was originally taken for a New York Times feature on the Kentucky athletes in September of 2005– but it does showcase the colourful, fun vibrancy of the sport and, of course, the immense athletic prowess required to perfect the partner stunt (for cheer ignorami … Continue reading The Sunday Times Magazine showcases champion cheerleaders

When Vanity Fair captured the Olsens’ innocence

I haven’t seen my favourite twins around the place much lately (which I am hoping means they are hard at work on their various film and fashionista projects, instead of providing the usual cannon fodder for paparazzi), so I thought I’d add a little dedication here. During some Twitter page updates this morning, I came across a reminder of the fab ‘Raining Teens’ cover feature in Vanity Fair (July 2003), where the twins were included in VF’s latest Young Hollywood photoshoot (always my very favourite issue of the year). The pic below pic adorned my bedroom wall for quite some … Continue reading When Vanity Fair captured the Olsens’ innocence

The beauty of Twilight

As the enchanting magic of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series of novels has been captured for the big screen, the beauty of the movie and its talented young cast has in turn now been immortalized by Peggy Sirota for Vanity Fair. A visit to the VF Twilight shoot slide show is an absolute must for any fans of the show or its attractive starlets, with lots of other goodies such as Q & A’s with the cast and exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. And for all you eager beavers who can’t wait to get your hands on the movie … Continue reading The beauty of Twilight