“Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

With the The Great Gatsby love-affair still dominating the zeitgeist, I’ve started digging into some other Fitzgerald titles to see if any could grab me as Gatbsy does, year after year. I was struck whilst reading This Side of Paradise, his first novel, how certain commentaries rung so true to modern life. Almost as if he had a foresight quite remarkably ahead of his time. More likely is that he was able to observe and capture certain society fundamentals that remain true through the generations – a unique talent that contributes to his timeless appeal and long-standing as an American … Continue reading “Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

It was quite an amazing social media experience last night being part of the first Leaders’ Debate, shown on ITV1 (or ITV1HD as they are trying to get us all watching). Twitter went completely mental in an effort to keep up, offering up some quite interesting stats by the end on all those twittering away using the #leadersdebate hashtag: total tweets: 184,396 average frequency: 29.06 tweets per second total tweeters: 36,483 Comments on everything from policies, key arguments and debate tensions to the dated set design, the increasing panicky refereeing from Alistair Stewart and the colour of the candidates’ ties. … Continue reading Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

Landmark decision to lift ban on television product placement

I have been meaning to post on the product placement horrors in one of my fave US teen dramas 90210 for some time, and that post is still forthcoming – but in the meantime, a quick update on recent developments in that area for the UK broadcast market. Ever in the shadow of its more commercially open American cousin, the British broadcasting industry has always been hampered by government guidelines restricting product placement on our TV screens. Not for much longer. Under new legislation announced by the Government on 9 February, product placement will be allowed in UK terrestrial television … Continue reading Landmark decision to lift ban on television product placement

Swine flu gets the Ashes treatment by Morland

The Times‘ Norwegian satirical politcal cartoonist, Morten Morland freqently delivers great insight onto topical issues with the stroke of his pen. What is quite striking about his style, is his tendency to cleverly merge two newsworthy subjects from completely different sections of the paper, juxtaposed to create a strong image with a cutting underlying message. Case in point was today’s offering which I found particularly striking and worthy of sharing: And the below, after a particularly vociferous day in Parliament within the Wimbledon fortnight, shows another of his sporting endeavours. Disappointingly, he doesn’t seem to have published a book collecting together … Continue reading Swine flu gets the Ashes treatment by Morland

Brand Obama

Having already touched on the capacity for a big brand to capitalise on Obama’s commencement in office, I just came across the Telegraph’s brilliant collection of other marketing devices that have appeared over the last couple of weeks. And not just in the US – Obamania has gone global. Check out the Telegraph feature here. My personal favourites were Ben and Jerry’s  ‘Yes Pecan!’ ice cream (if you don’t get it, remember that for our US cousins, pecan is pronounced pe-can), and the Ikea Oval Office, complete wih FBI security. Awesome. Continue reading Brand Obama