Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret today launches their take on NFL merchandise with a brand new collection from their PINK range. The partnership sees two very different brands come together to provide the NFL’s female audience base with some cute apparel, bringing new customers to the VS PINK brand, and introducing NFL colours into the wardrobes of PINK customers all over the U.S. Everybody wins. Forever a fan of the PINK VS range, and always on the look-out for cute girlified NFL wear, this was pretty exciting news for my Wednesday morning. In turns out that two of the lovely VS … Continue reading Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

It was quite an amazing social media experience last night being part of the first Leaders’ Debate, shown on ITV1 (or ITV1HD as they are trying to get us all watching). Twitter went completely mental in an effort to keep up, offering up some quite interesting stats by the end on all those twittering away using the #leadersdebate hashtag: total tweets: 184,396 average frequency: 29.06 tweets per second total tweeters: 36,483 Comments on everything from policies, key arguments and debate tensions to the dated set design, the increasing panicky refereeing from Alistair Stewart and the colour of the candidates’ ties. … Continue reading Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

After my great digital comms/social media training run by the eConsultancy‘s James Matthewson earlier this week, I was prompted to go out and find some concrete stats about the success of brand involvement in social media campaigns. Just came across this fab little Socialnomics video, from the author of the Socialnomics book, Eric Qualman, and however much you think you already know about brands marketing in this space, it really is worth a watch. Time and time again we find clients hesitant to relinquish control over their brand in the interests of entering the social media space, yet there are … Continue reading Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

Luxury fashion brands embrace social media

As if it weren’t enough that, according to Times headlines this morning, bloggers are snatching the LFW front row seats right from under the noses of their traditional print counterparts, it seems that the high-end luxury brand marketeers are no longer directing us in store – or even merely online. But to our iPhone apps. Flicking through the March Vogue, I started to see brand after brand including a call to action within its glossy DPS advertising that promoted online videos, behind-the-scenes exclusive web content and invariably how to download the brand’s iPhone app in order to access all these … Continue reading Luxury fashion brands embrace social media

JWUnsigned: when fashion meets music

Frukt, the leading music strategy and communications agency, usually has its finger on the pulse of brands, bands and fans, educating the marketing industry on how brands can use music to leverage their message. Shame they seem to have overlooked the latest in fashion/music integration: JWUnsigned. Because Jack Wills is jumping into the brand/music marketing mix head first with some pretty cool stuff. As a means of reaching out to an expanded youth market, JW has embraced the unsigned indie music crowd, providing a platform for new talent and a portal for new fans to find them. JWUnsigned.com showcases the … Continue reading JWUnsigned: when fashion meets music

Tweet your way to LA (and the Ashes)

It may be because the Ashes have taken over our office, and Twitter has taken over the Ashes, but it seems that more than ever before Twitter is ruling the world. Seriously, it has gone mental in the last few days. Bumble is on it, Tuffers is on it – aussie Jason Gillespie has become a full-on devotee of the micro-blogging site. Hell, even TMS have their own Twitter feed. This afternoon, I was literally watching on Sky, listing to Dizzy’s TMS commentary stint and tweeting them all simultaneously. It’s getting ridiculous. Anyway, one excellent use of the tool as … Continue reading Tweet your way to LA (and the Ashes)

Why we heart Jack Wills even more than before

I blog, Tweet and share on Facebook most of the cool stuff I come across on a daily basis. According to Rupert Murdoch, this makes me a ‘digital native’, but whatever label you want to apply, today it totally paid off. As a long-term fan of the Jack Wills brand, my support of the British fashion label has, over the years, transcended both online and offline platforms – along with a lot of my closest friends. We shop with Jack, we party with Jack, and when we do, we tell people about it. Take the annual Varsity Polo tournament at Windsor … Continue reading Why we heart Jack Wills even more than before

Britney’s Trouble (For the Record)

Good old Facebook link sharing – not sure I’d have ever come across this had it not appeared in my mini feed this evening. A Britney track that I haven’t heard? A video I haven’t seen?! Surely not! But yes… For her revealing documentary broadcast in the UK on Sky One earlier this year to much press attention, the track Trouble was recorded and a video montage of clips from the doc produced to boot. The track itself is awesome, great beat, infectious lyrics and a black and white video revealing just a little bit of everything that Britney is about … Continue reading Britney’s Trouble (For the Record)

The REAL top 100 books – how many have you read?

A little online meme currently doing the Facebook rounds is that, of the Top 100 books (as identified by the BBC in 2003), the BBC reckons that the average adult has only read 6. This I felt was worthy of a blog for several reasons. Firstly, the list itself should be viewed by everyone, as all those who know me are aware of my enthusiasm for great works of English Literature (well, those and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series). But secondly, when I came to post ‘the list’ here, I learnt that the listcurrently being promulgated by numerous Twitterers and Facebook … Continue reading The REAL top 100 books – how many have you read?

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Amongst all the clamour extolling the numerous marketing values to Twitter, this morning I came across a sage example of when it can rather spectacularly backfire. Last week’s UTalkMarketing.com newsletter displayed a lead story on the subject of Twitter: a Marketing Director’s guide to utilising the platform best, a list of do’s and dont’s for PR’s and the like. The whole article is definitely worth a read for those of you considering using the service for more than your own personal ramblings, but particularly worthy of note is the now classic ‘Watch your mouth’ anecdote teaching all Twitterers, quite frankly, when to just … Continue reading To Tweet or not to Tweet?