Oh Oh Oh by The Golf Boys – Farmers Insurance go viral

As far as sponsorship goes, Golf is a pretty cluttered marketplace and one dominated by Financial Services brands and sports apparel. It is rare to see a fairly straight, corporate brand letting go a little bit and doing something fun. So hats (or visors) off to Farmers Insurance, sponsors of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in California, who have done something a little different and all in the name of charidee. PGA Tour players Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Hunter Mahan, with just a little help from musician Con Bro Chilli, have created a music video. … Continue reading Oh Oh Oh by The Golf Boys – Farmers Insurance go viral

In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

It’s not often that I will post about work-related content here, but the latest debate raging over on Synergy’s blog is actually pretty thought-provoking (well, for those in the sports industry at least). Any sports fans out there remember when Twenty20 was first ‘invented’? Or when Nike burst onto the scene helping Michael Jordan hit his jump shot? Or even, for the veteran fans amongst you, when NFL was first broadcast on our TV screens? Well, whatever you think the biggest moment was, Synergy wants to hear about it. We’ve started a bit of a debate going by naming an … Continue reading In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

In defence of cheerleading

It is no secret to this blog that I’m a big advocate of cheerleading. As a former cheerleader myself – in support of our American football team at University, and competitively in London squads for the three years following – this is perhaps no surprise. I don’t pretend to offer an unbiased viewpoint, but I do hope to offer an informed one. Long-standing has been the debate over whether cheerleading can be deemed a ‘sport’. Yesterday, in a strongly voiced opinion piece for The Guardian, Victoria Coren (daughter of Alan, brother of Giles, star poker-player and one-time porn star) made … Continue reading In defence of cheerleading

Federer and Nadal get the giggles while Credit Suisse has the last laugh

I spend a good deal of my working life managing the varied personalities of professional sports people, largely in their capacity as some form of brand ambassador. I’m fortunate to work with a host of exceptionally talented and good natured individuals, and for the most part every bit the professional media spokesperson. A media appearance going to plan without a hitch is a rare thing, and whilst we don’t like to laugh at others’ misfortune, this latest video to surface from Credit Suisse of the World’s top two tennis stars is honestly pretty funny. All carefully briefed messages fly out … Continue reading Federer and Nadal get the giggles while Credit Suisse has the last laugh

Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret today launches their take on NFL merchandise with a brand new collection from their PINK range. The partnership sees two very different brands come together to provide the NFL’s female audience base with some cute apparel, bringing new customers to the VS PINK brand, and introducing NFL colours into the wardrobes of PINK customers all over the U.S. Everybody wins. Forever a fan of the PINK VS range, and always on the look-out for cute girlified NFL wear, this was pretty exciting news for my Wednesday morning. In turns out that two of the lovely VS … Continue reading Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

Rolex crowns Mickelson’s glory

I love tactical brand advertising. Well, the good stuff anyway. Following Phil’s big victory at the Masters this weekend, Rolex churned out this beauty in today’s national press: Rolex’s ads of this nature are always so simple. Completely in-line with their campaign pieces – image-heavy/text-light – but when they do have something to say it is succinct, astute and perfectly bringing in line their brand values with the property they sponsor. Mickelson and Rolex, united in class and success. Once again, both proving they are at the very top of their respective games. Continue reading Rolex crowns Mickelson’s glory

The Official NFL Widget

[clearspring_widget title=”The Official NFL Widget” wid=”47606bd521007408″ pid=”4afc2dc35cf8bc1d” width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”] Look what I added to the blog today? Now there’s no excuse for not keeping up with the latest NFL scores. Shame Sky Sports don’t have one here so that we can get the games displayed in UK time. Get on the case guys. Continue reading The Official NFL Widget

On the search for England’s ‘lost’ Ashes season

Following England’s recent victory at the Oval to reclaim Ashes glory, reflections have been made far and wide on the scale of achievement accomplished. Amidst all the celebratory guff, Martin Johnson’s salient points in the Sunday Times last weekend rang particularly true to me. His piece mainly focused on the commendable decision not to repeat 2005’s ‘bacchanalian bender’ (to use his glorious phrase) in light of the relative triumph this time around. In Johnno’s words, it must be remembered that we are celebrating within the context of one average team beating another average team, and not the toppling of a … Continue reading On the search for England’s ‘lost’ Ashes season

Sir Elton John takes to the NFL football field

While this isn’t exactly news to me (as we’d heard the Kraft rumblings of this from our buddies over at NFL UK a while ago) now it has made its way into mainstream press via a BBC exclusive, it seemed fair game to post about. Legend of pop Elton John is apparently an ardent fan of NFL team, the New England Patriots (so much so that he is second only to the President in congratulatory phone calls following Super Bowl wins). So the story goes, to celebrate the Pats taking to the hallowed Wembley turf on 25th October this year for … Continue reading Sir Elton John takes to the NFL football field