I’ll have an R, an I and a P, please Bob

Very sad news today that beloved 80’s TV hero, Bob Holness, has died at the age of 83. He was also an accomplished actor and broadcaster, but other children of the 80’s may remember best the soft toy mascots, the flashing hexagons and the infamous ‘Can I have a P please, Bob?’ which inexplicably was still hilarious, even on the seventeenth time of watching. And what other TV show can claim a dance routine created solely for its theme tune? R.I.P. Bob. Enjoy the memories: p.s. who knew he was South African? Continue reading I’ll have an R, an I and a P, please Bob

Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Some inspired promotion from FOX in the US emerged this week. Our favourite Gleeksters are getting their fashion on for a promotional video ahead of the 8th September – the official date for the global Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza. And just 12 days later, the new season of Glee happens to air on the American network. The skit (above) is too short for my liking (please let there be a full-length music video aired at some point, or at least additional break bumpers with out-takes), but some of the production stills give you an idea of the fun had on … Continue reading Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Happy 30th Birthday MTV

I do love a bit of MTV. Long gone are the days where MTV was seen as Music Television – for me, it is now defined as the home of my beloved Hills and the channel that first introduced me to the fabulous Lauren Conrad, not to mention the hours (days?) spent wasted in front of endless episodes of MTV Cribs and My Super Sweet Sixteen at University. (And then the ultimate MTV birth-child, The Hills’ Lauren Conrad does MTV Cribs:) And these days, my MTV viewing is still going strong with Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars clogging up my … Continue reading Happy 30th Birthday MTV

Glee Live – the set list

Less than a month to go now until Glee Live lands on our shores, taking over the O2 for a week in June. Naturally, I’m going. For those attending who wish the set list to remain a surprise until the day, look away now. For the rest of you Gleeks, let the excitement commence: Main set with featured performers and original artists Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey) The Dog Days Are Over featuring Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz (Florence + the Machine) Sing (My Chemical Romance) I’m a Slave 4 U featuring Heather Morris (Britney Spears) Fat Bottomed Girls featuring Mark … Continue reading Glee Live – the set list

Making the most of spare time

Tom Hodgkinson in today’s Style magazine in the Sunday Times raises some interesting challenges to the way we spend our spare time in the modern world. Are we making the most of it? Or are we squandering what little time we do have to ourselves, falling into the trappings of convenience? His opening lines below and, as they did for me, may ring scarily true: “What do you do in your spare time? Maybe you indulge your precious moments of leisure with a £5 bottle of Chilean Sauvignon blanc and a DVD box set of Mad Men or The Wire. … Continue reading Making the most of spare time

Orange BAFTA Film Awards – 2011 nominations

This morning saw the next installment of Film Award season excitement with BAFTA’s announcement of this year’s nominees for the Orange sponsored Film Awards: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tom Hooper‘s British indie flick The King’s Speech swept the board with a whopping 14 nominations, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor for Golden Globe winner Colin Firth. Black Swan (released in the UK this Friday, SO excited) is nominated in 12 categories, followed by Inception with nine and 127 Hours and True Grit are each nominated eight times. The Social Network, favoured at this year’s Golden Globes this weekend, has six … Continue reading Orange BAFTA Film Awards – 2011 nominations

In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

It’s not often that I will post about work-related content here, but the latest debate raging over on Synergy’s blog is actually pretty thought-provoking (well, for those in the sports industry at least). Any sports fans out there remember when Twenty20 was first ‘invented’? Or when Nike burst onto the scene helping Michael Jordan hit his jump shot? Or even, for the veteran fans amongst you, when NFL was first broadcast on our TV screens? Well, whatever you think the biggest moment was, Synergy wants to hear about it. We’ve started a bit of a debate going by naming an … Continue reading In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

Gossip Girl is back! Oh la la! OMD!

OMD? Oh mon Dieu! Gossip Girl returns to our screens this week on ITV2, and as those regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a bit of a fan of the show. The fashions, the drama, the love/hate relationships… it’s all just so addictive. And this fourth season opens in Paris, with the girls living the high life during summer break and regular audiences on tenterhooks awaiting Chuck’s recovery from the shock last frame of the previous season. Have a peep at the trailer below and set those Sky+ boxes: Wednesday, 9pm, ITV2. Continue reading Gossip Girl is back! Oh la la! OMD!

Charlotte for Britain’s Next Top Model

As a devoted fan of America’s Next Top Model, I’ve never been as big a fan of the British version (past posts excepted), but this current series is definitely the best yet. The challenges have been imaginative, Elle is by far the better host (let’s face it, it is Britain’s TOP Model after all) and frankly, the mix of girls has been spot on. There is one for every girl to identify with and every guy to lust over, no matter what your type is. However, there is one true shining star of this show and my winner by a … Continue reading Charlotte for Britain’s Next Top Model