“Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

With the The Great Gatsby love-affair still dominating the zeitgeist, I’ve started digging into some other Fitzgerald titles to see if any could grab me as Gatbsy does, year after year. I was struck whilst reading This Side of Paradise, his first novel, how certain commentaries rung so true to modern life. Almost as if he had a foresight quite remarkably ahead of his time. More likely is that he was able to observe and capture certain society fundamentals that remain true through the generations – a unique talent that contributes to his timeless appeal and long-standing as an American … Continue reading “Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

Quick cook-ups are essential for enjoyable mid-week dining. And the best ones use up a whole selection of leftovers in the fridge. Which is why stir fries are so awesome. A little leftover meat, some veggies and a splash of soy, paired with noodles or rice – or not, if you happen to be watching the carbs (which never applies to me). This little number is quick, tasty and rammed full of fresh veg. It even looks pretty too. It looks like a lot of work, but honestly, once the meat has marinated, it’s just 10 minutes of chopping, 10 … Continue reading Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

The Macarons Diaries: humble beginnings

Macarons, the colourful French delicacy, beloved of Marie-Antoinette (well, according to Sophia Coppola anyway), have replaced the cupcake in recent times as the trendy baked good of choice. So, naturally, I want to master their creation. I’ve started this series of blogs (at least, for reasons that will become clear, I have a feeling it will become a series) after a disasterous first attempt a few weeks ago. The intention is two-fold: firstly, in order to retain the motivation to keep trying until I perfect them, by publishing my failures for all to see, I’m rather hoping the pressure to … Continue reading The Macarons Diaries: humble beginnings

A Fabulously British Summer Season

It has taken a couple of days, but I’ve finally gotten around to posting my pick of the JW Summer Season, which is landing in-store across the country over the next week or so. Not having had a tangible perusal just yet, my choices are based purely on the fab online version of their new Handbook – this season, fully interactive with links to buy the items imbedded into the look books. The actual wardrobe experimentation is due at the Kings Road store summer launch party, next Wednesday evening, complete with 10% discount. Hurrah! So here’s what I’m making a … Continue reading A Fabulously British Summer Season

Glee – episode 101: the verdict?

Judging by the online buzz from traditional outlets and social media sources like, this is a show that is here to stay. While savvy marketers in the US announced FOX’s confirmation of a second season coincidentally on the very same day Season 1 was due to air in the UK, the Brits lapped up the first helping of Glee with unabashed, well, glee. It even struck a chord with the dry wit of Times critic Caitlin Moran, who shared with her Twitter followers earlier today, It’s VERY silly and VERY funny and VERY bitchy, and ends with an inspiring version … Continue reading Glee – episode 101: the verdict?