Poetry Please: The Gift

The Gift I give you a house. The choice is yours. You can keep it clean and tidy Or, not – Living in perpetual mess and disorder. I give you a town. The choice is yours. The townsfolk could be happy In well-built houses with good jobs for all. Or not. Children could roam the streets, Wild and hungry, While disease runs rampant and depression spreads. I give you a country. The choice is yours. Rule it well, Gain power, money, Balance your cultural melting pot with enviable peace, Or – don’t. Watch your nation divide into a bloody civil … Continue reading Poetry Please: The Gift

Poetry Please: Friendship

Friendship Friends are warm comfort after a shock, Friends are the key that fits in the lock. Friends are fresh rains coming after a drought, Friends are the whisper instead of the shout. Friends are oases amidst desert sands, Friends are the pathways to faraway lands. Friends are the food source when famine is rife, Friends are protection, deflecting the knife. Friends are the hope when it seems there is none, Friends are what make two far better than one. Friends are the hand always helping you up, Friends are the saucer supporting the cup. Friends are the wishes that … Continue reading Poetry Please: Friendship

Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

Quick cook-ups are essential for enjoyable mid-week dining. And the best ones use up a whole selection of leftovers in the fridge. Which is why stir fries are so awesome. A little leftover meat, some veggies and a splash of soy, paired with noodles or rice – or not, if you happen to be watching the carbs (which never applies to me). This little number is quick, tasty and rammed full of fresh veg. It even looks pretty too. It looks like a lot of work, but honestly, once the meat has marinated, it’s just 10 minutes of chopping, 10 … Continue reading Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

Poetry Please: The Dark

The Dark My bed becomes a spaceship, My floor the deep blue sea. Shadows fall And climb the walls, Like flames tormenting me. The ticking clock becomes a bomb Just waiting to explode. The cable to the Playstation, A spooky winding road. The windows, drawers And cupboard doors Are scary in the night – How different my room soon becomes When I switch off the light. (June 2002) Continue reading Poetry Please: The Dark

White chocolate cranberry blondies

Traditionally, I roll out this little Sainsbury‘s recipe at Christmas, but these sweet treats go down a storm any time of year. The sweetness of the white chocolate mixed with with the sharp tang of the fruit, added to a nutty texture is total bliss. They won’t do your Lent abstinence any good right now, but you can always save them for an Easter weekend bake-off. Oh, and if you’re sitting there thinking, ‘what the dickens is a blondie when it’s at home?’, at the risk of inciting cake race tensions, it’s basically a white brownie. Makes 25 small blondie … Continue reading White chocolate cranberry blondies

Poetry Please

It had been all quiet on the blog of late. Apologies to all (both) visitors – the occasional (Emma) or the avid (my Dad). All this writing-for-work malarky has done wonders for my professional motivation but has killed my blogs stone dead. So I’m returning with a new, hope-to-make regular, feature. Not long ago I found a spot of verse-writing a healthy vent for some of life’s more testing trials. I’m a habitual reader but poetry has never really floated my boat – still less have I written than read. That said, I recently found a therapeutic benefit in thrashing … Continue reading Poetry Please

Candied yam cupcakes

So it turns out that most Thanksgiving dinner elements include pretty hefty amounts of sugar. The candied yams (sweet potatoes) I’m planning to serve with our turkey are already sweet enough for me without the recommended topping of marshmallow (!), but translated into cupcakes, this works a treat. Essentially you’re creating deliciously moist cakes – sweet potato an unusual hit for a base – topped with toasted marshmallow. Nom, nom. Huge kudos to Annie’s Eats for this awesome recipe [please do take 5 minutes to browse around her sweet, foodie site, splling over with retro Americana style and contemporary ideas]. … Continue reading Candied yam cupcakes