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Salad Days: food of the goddesses

As long as you have something to form my four salad must-haves – colour, crunch, protein & greenery – you can’t go far wrong. Continue reading Salad Days: food of the goddesses


Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Brunch is possibly my favourite ever mealtime. As much for the types of dishes usually served up (eggs, pancakes, lashings of crispy bacon) as for the time of day, day of the week and the whole laissez-faire feeling it invokes. Not sprightly enough for breakfast, but with too hearty an appetite to wait for lunch and best served up on a weekend accompanied by proper steaming coffee, freshly squeezed juice and the company of loved ones. It also reminds me of a place dear to my heart, New York City. From my groaning stack of cook-books, my trusty Lazy Brunch … Continue reading Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

Quick cook-ups are essential for enjoyable mid-week dining. And the best ones use up a whole selection of leftovers in the fridge. Which is why stir fries are so awesome. A little leftover meat, some veggies and a splash of soy, paired with noodles or rice – or not, if you happen to be watching the carbs (which never applies to me). This little number is quick, tasty and rammed full of fresh veg. It even looks pretty too. It looks like a lot of work, but honestly, once the meat has marinated, it’s just 10 minutes of chopping, 10 … Continue reading Quick dinners: Beef stir fry

Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

As a lover of baking, baked goods and cheese, and a reluctant sporadic gym-user, I was delighted with this Facebook share today. Now I know the key is in the presentation and one is (supposedly) deserted in the jungle with no luxuries to her name, while the other appears to glammed up for some kind of red carpet do – and clearly the assets bestowed upon them by the divine differ hugely as well – but the juxtaposition is amusing nonetheless. The moral of the story? Screw detox, eat cake. Continue reading Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

Cooking up Christmas: Peppermint Bark

I’ve always loved mint chocolate – in any form. This is a traditionally American festive favourite, which I initially borrowed from the brilliant Martha Stewart Living and then adapted adding in a dark chocolate base. To max the mint, you can also add a couple of drops of peppermint essence into the plain chocolate once melted. It’s so simple, anyone can pull it together in no time and it makes a perfect snow day recipe to make with kids. They will especially love the second stage – smashing candy canes to pieces with a hammer! For child-friendly chocolate melting, you … Continue reading Cooking up Christmas: Peppermint Bark