On the search for England’s ‘lost’ Ashes season

Following England’s recent victory at the Oval to reclaim Ashes glory, reflections have been made far and wide on the scale of achievement accomplished. Amidst all the celebratory guff, Martin Johnson’s salient points in the Sunday Times last weekend rang particularly true to me. His piece mainly focused on the commendable decision not to repeat 2005’s ‘bacchanalian bender’ (to use his glorious phrase) in light of the relative triumph this time around. In Johnno’s words, it must be remembered that we are celebrating within the context of one average team beating another average team, and not the toppling of a … Continue reading On the search for England’s ‘lost’ Ashes season

KP leaves the home team in need of some service and repair

Couln’t resist posting this today. With England cricket fans still reeling from the devastating annoucement of KP’s withdrawal from the remainder of the npower Ashes series, the above image found its way into two of the national broadsheets today. PA photographer Nick Potts managed to capture and distill into one image the cloud of troubled thoughts surrounding England’s would-be captain at the present time. Standing in front of the sight screen branded with title sponsor npower‘s latest slogan, the boarding rather ironically conveys: Home Team – Service and Repair – this summer… just what KP had hoped for and, unfortunately, … Continue reading KP leaves the home team in need of some service and repair

Swine flu gets the Ashes treatment by Morland

The Times‘ Norwegian satirical politcal cartoonist, Morten Morland freqently delivers great insight onto topical issues with the stroke of his pen. What is quite striking about his style, is his tendency to cleverly merge two newsworthy subjects from completely different sections of the paper, juxtaposed to create a strong image with a cutting underlying message. Case in point was today’s offering which I found particularly striking and worthy of sharing: And the below, after a particularly vociferous day in Parliament within the Wimbledon fortnight, shows another of his sporting endeavours. Disappointingly, he doesn’t seem to have published a book collecting together … Continue reading Swine flu gets the Ashes treatment by Morland

MCC members not above queuing

Hurrah! Just seen England beat the Aussies at Lord’s for the first time on 75 years. I have a fair few highlights of my own from the last few days at the second Ashes Test. These will follow in due course (once I have some time to do a full BB picture download), but in the meantime I wanted to share my amazement at the dedication of the beloved MCC members – bedecked in their red and gold colours, queuing at the Grace Gates from 2.30am to secure the prime seats on the morning before the first and second day’s play at … Continue reading MCC members not above queuing

Branson hits Oz for six in Ashes promotions

Looks like Richard Branson‘s up to his old tricks again. This week saw the Virgin Media boss (already renowned for his proactive PR stunts) project an enormous image of himself onto Sydney Harbour Bridge in an effort to rile the Aussies and generate some Ashes-focused press coverage. Successfully it seems with all our national newspapers running with it and national outrage down-under. A little more credible was the substance behind the ‘fifty50’ that subtley adorned the bottom left corner of the image. This refers to Virgin’s pledge to donate £1,000 to charity for every half-century that our England batsmen rack up … Continue reading Branson hits Oz for six in Ashes promotions

Tweet your way to LA (and the Ashes)

It may be because the Ashes have taken over our office, and Twitter has taken over the Ashes, but it seems that more than ever before Twitter is ruling the world. Seriously, it has gone mental in the last few days. Bumble is on it, Tuffers is on it – aussie Jason Gillespie has become a full-on devotee of the micro-blogging site. Hell, even TMS have their own Twitter feed. This afternoon, I was literally watching on Sky, listing to Dizzy’s TMS commentary stint and tweeting them all simultaneously. It’s getting ridiculous. Anyway, one excellent use of the tool as … Continue reading Tweet your way to LA (and the Ashes)

Global sporting success bring global fashion coverage

Well – didn’t Paul Costelloe make the right move attaching his name to arguably the most successful sports team curently representing our nation? The England Women’s Cricket team return from Sydney today with a World Cup trophy in hand (yes World cup, making them the best on the planet at what they do). Naturally, the press have gone a little crazy with the column inches since the girls’ victory over New Zealand in the early hours of Sunday morning, and the result is that those blazers are everywhere. Of course, I’m loving it too as it all helps sow the seeds of … Continue reading Global sporting success bring global fashion coverage

…and the Telegraph agrees with me

Just couldn’t resist adding to the Stanford story when I saw this morning’s Telegraph feature on the breaking news of yesterday. For those readers of my humble musings who also have access to my Facebook status updates, you might have noticed my prediction that the famed ‘money shot’ (below) was guaranteed back page fodder for the press today… And lo and behold, the Telegraph laid their story out with images almost matching mine (granted, a predictable selection, but still). Geek moment, but am rather proud we’re on the same wave-length… Continue reading …and the Telegraph agrees with me

Stanford’s billion dollar fraud puts ECB in hot water

Karma? What goes around comes around? Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but for me to post two cricket stories in one day, it has to be something fairly major. Million dollar man Stanford, who flew in with his helicopter and his trunk of cash, like a cricket fairy godmother waving 20 million dollar bills, sweeping the ECB, the top dollar players and their CWAGs completely off their feet (the later, in case you don’t remember, quite literally). So what could possibly bring this cricket revolutionary back down to earth with a bump? Well the US Securities and Exchange Commission for one, … Continue reading Stanford’s billion dollar fraud puts ECB in hot water