Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Brunch is possibly my favourite ever mealtime. As much for the types of dishes usually served up (eggs, pancakes, lashings of crispy bacon) as for the time of day, day of the week and the whole laissez-faire feeling it invokes. Not sprightly enough for breakfast, but with too hearty an appetite to wait for lunch and best served up on a weekend accompanied by proper steaming coffee, freshly squeezed juice and the company of loved ones. It also reminds me of a place dear to my heart, New York City. From my groaning stack of cook-books, my trusty Lazy Brunch … Continue reading Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Easter nest chocolate cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes, I generally find chocolate too rich (vanilla, red velvet etc offer a lighter alternative). But when it comes to Easter, and all the chocolatey egg goodness that ensues, I am willing to make an exception. I’m always keen to ensure all recipes on my blog are accurately sourced, but the cake recipe below was scrawled into my recipe collection by hand (originally around the time of the Royal Wedding festivities) and I failed to document its origin. So sincere apologies if you recognise the below as your own – please do leave a comment if … Continue reading Easter nest chocolate cupcakes