Jack Willy, Jack Wills and what to do when passing off is all in the name of charity

It is no secret to this blog – and to pretty much anyone that knows me – that I am a long-time, ardent fan of Jack Wills. So this evening, when I started to pick up tweets about Jack Willy for the first time – a brand new charity initiative in support of prostate cancer awareness – I initially thought, bravo JW for having enough gumption and banter around their own brand values to create a tongue-in-cheek charity campaign. Or so I thought. After a bit of digging on the site it became apparent that they are ‘BTW, NOT Jack … Continue reading Jack Willy, Jack Wills and what to do when passing off is all in the name of charity

My Little Pony as you’ve never seen her before

For any of you who grew up in the 80’s – girls especially, or at least had a younger sister – you will be no stranger to the My Little Pony brand. A less natural looking animal you probably couldn’t conceive, but hours of fun. I LOVED them. Pink, purple, baby blue… hair you could plat, brush, cut (and sometimes that grew back)… with random cute hearts/rainbows/clouds printed on their haunch. As a six-year-old girl, what is not to love? (And throw in a beauty stable/salon with clip on accessories – the envy of many a MLP fan – and … Continue reading My Little Pony as you’ve never seen her before

Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret today launches their take on NFL merchandise with a brand new collection from their PINK range. The partnership sees two very different brands come together to provide the NFL’s female audience base with some cute apparel, bringing new customers to the VS PINK brand, and introducing NFL colours into the wardrobes of PINK customers all over the U.S. Everybody wins. Forever a fan of the PINK VS range, and always on the look-out for cute girlified NFL wear, this was pretty exciting news for my Wednesday morning. In turns out that two of the lovely VS … Continue reading Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

The Power of Branding

A little lesson in marketing for a Thursday afternoon. I found this a while ago – I think on some eternal email forward – and I love it. For anyone that doesn’t understand our crazy world, here’s a bit of a breakdown in terms everyone can understand: 1) You go to a party and you see an attractive girl across the room. You go up to her and say, “Hi, I’m great in bed, how about it?” – That’s Direct Marketing. 2) You go to a party and you see an attractive girl across the room. You give your friend … Continue reading The Power of Branding

90210’s product placement horrors

TV product placement in its various incarnations is something that I love to keep track of. We see it with the greatest presence (and price tag) on the silver screen, but we are starting to see it more and more on the small screen too – especially in American shows targeted at a youth audience. Unfortunately, the more common it becomes, the less sophisticated the methods seem to be. Granted, the US have very different rules on brand presence, but with the recent return of 90210 to E4, I needed to share some screen grabs of a couple of season … Continue reading 90210’s product placement horrors

Landmark decision to lift ban on television product placement

I have been meaning to post on the product placement horrors in one of my fave US teen dramas 90210 for some time, and that post is still forthcoming – but in the meantime, a quick update on recent developments in that area for the UK broadcast market. Ever in the shadow of its more commercially open American cousin, the British broadcasting industry has always been hampered by government guidelines restricting product placement on our TV screens. Not for much longer. Under new legislation announced by the Government on 9 February, product placement will be allowed in UK terrestrial television … Continue reading Landmark decision to lift ban on television product placement

Jack Wills does Haute Couture

OK, well not exactly , but this is the closest they’ve been yet to real high fashion exclusivity. The brand new Christmas collection launched last week and this season’s handbook is the best ever (the creative alone deserves another post at a later date). The very first item to launch itself off the page is the Pyrie dress (above), available solely in the Check (with a very similar Kassian design also on offer in black). Strictly Limited Edition – there are only 20 of these fine pieces up for purchase – each 100% silk dress is individually hand crafted at a not … Continue reading Jack Wills does Haute Couture

JW’s Fabulous(ly British) T’s

Some sharp direct e-marketing from JW this morning. Aside from the fact the T’s themselves are pretty darn cute, playing on the Fabulously… tag within an array of rainbow shades, the presentation of the message is adorable. I’ve seen a few creative pitch decks being put together in a similar fashion to the above lately, and execs seem to be taking their cue from fashion houses and graphic designers on whose labours of love the above format seems to be based. The standard Powerpoint text box is dead – laboriously photographing collections of Post-Its on a white board is the new way … Continue reading JW’s Fabulous(ly British) T’s

Jack Wills Freshers’ Tour, sponsored by… Jack Wills

Just yesterday at Synergy towers, there was some collective musing going on around how the face of sponsorship could change in the next few decades. And that got me thinking about that ever-elusive demographic – the 16-24 year olds – to see how they might be running businesses and consuming media in 25 years’ time. One area of interest is how immune (or not) youth of today have become to brand presence in their everyday lives. Do they reject it (oft-quoted myth)? Do they embrace it (when it suits them)? Do they challenge it to give them added value before giving it their valuable … Continue reading Jack Wills Freshers’ Tour, sponsored by… Jack Wills

Ultimo’s latest range is just Peachy

  Loving Peaches’ campaign for Ultimo underwear, from which a second batch of pictures were released to the press today. Guaranteeing coverage in Nationals, London papers and all the weekly celeb gossip/fashion mags, Ultimo have made a smart move signing up Sir Bob’s eldest and most notorious daughter to front their latest range. And if you fancy more regular updates from the world of Peaches, follow her @peaches_g on Twitter. Continue reading Ultimo’s latest range is just Peachy